Iware Color Registration System is built around a high speed color camera and is one of the best solutions currently available on the market to automate color register management both during start-up and throughout the print run. With the use of superior technology, intelligent design and high degree of automation, the system achieves instant registration with proven accuracy by 100% hands free operation leading to higher efficiency and cost reduction.

The product differentiates from other systems currently available by incorporating a wide range of features and configurations that allow printers to maximise their waste savings and achieve consistent register quality. With its origins in the printing industry, Iware Color Registration System (ICRS) has been designed and developed to provide the availability, productivity and quality demanded by printers today. In an environment of rising input costs, the system provides printers with a predictable and outstanding return on investment


  • Automatically establishes print register during make-ready with instantaneous capture of mark and now even at below 150 sheets!
  • Automatic control of circumferential, lateral and compensation motor.
  • Set your compensational colors.
  • Never see getting out of registration due to continuous monitoring and instant corrections.
  • Compact and maintenance free "Smart Cameras" featuring on-board processing Eliminated need for experienced manpower.
  • user friendly opereator consol with touch interface
  • Online Support capability for real time training, configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Ethernet Communications for a fully integrated solution
  • Proven Accuracy
  • Flexible Position

How it works ?

Automatic Color Registration solutions from Iware operates by real-time precision monitoring of register marks located on the printed web that provide the feedback required to manage a tight control loop that maximizes waste Savings

How can we make your business even better ?

  • High performance automatic color registration from the very first copy throughout all daily print scenarios
  • Easy to use
  • Significant waste reduction
  • Reduced make-ready time
  • Reduction in required production time
  • Consistent quality throughout the print run
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Historic record of register
  • Press operator satisfaction

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Technical Specification

Sensor Measurement Accuracy 0.01 mm

Sensor Type Fiber Optic sensing head

Detected Mark Type Wedge mark, Rectangular Mark

Mark Displacement Limit ± 10 mm

Mark Size Width 3 to 15 mm

Display Parameters Machine speed, Registration error

Control Mode Auto/Manual

Speed range 5 to 300 m/min

Max. No. of station 10 no. of printing station

CPU Industrial grade with 17" touch screen

Encoder 1000 PPR encoder with its interface hardware

Maximum web speed 1,200 m/min (3,937 ft/min)

Format length 125-5,000 mm (4.9-196.9 inch)

Ambient temperature 0- 40 °C (32 - 104 °F)

Number of printing units up to 20

Measuring resolution ±5 µm

Measuring frequency 30 Hz

Material Paper, foil/film, metallized substrates

(opaque, transparent, reflecting)

ATEX approvals C0123`II 2 G [Ex op is T4] IIB

PTB 11 ATEX 2013 X

according to EN 60079-0, EN 60079-28

Type 19“ TFT Touch

Resolution 1280 x 1024 Pixel

Signal input DVI

Supply Voltage 115 V / 230 V AC / 50-60 Hz

Power consumption 4 A

Input signals Digital input signals 24 V according to EN 61131-2,

Type 3 Digital Output signals 24 V, 0,5 A

short-circuit-proof Technology overview