"PrintsmartMIS estimation and production modules together have improved the speed and efficiency that our company operates in. We being one of the first users of Printsmart, were glad to go with every subsequent upgrade and have seen clear improvement with each new version."

Director SaraWat Printers, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"We wanted a customized MIS for handling some specific Print MIS requirements and Percept's Print Smart team provided us a value for money solution meeting our requirements in a very short period. The system is robust and we are upgrading the system to next level now"

Assistant General Manager, AI Ghurai Printing & Publishing LLC

"Print management Software supplied by Percept(Print Smart) has helped me to streamline my estimating procedures for all kinds of products we produce from fliers, brouchures, books with different finishing etc. It helps me generate fast and accurate estimates and keep complete track of negotiations, job orders, etc. It make everything accessible with the click of a button and communication with international and external clients become very easy"

Director, Printwell Printing Press

"The main advantage is the quick, accurate, and therefore, competitive estimates Print Smart MIS system generates within a matter of few seconds. We have fine tuned the system to even get manual labour estimates automatically. Implementation of this system at our new state of the art setup in IMPZ is on. At IMPZ, we will implement all modules including web2print. Print Smart is dynamically integrated with our accounting system as well"

Director, Alpha Printing Press FZ-IMPZ

"We have been using Print Smart MIS since March 2008 and now have a GOOD MIS system and at a good price with no hidden costs compared to all of the other alternatives. We are satisfied and are going for latest upgrade after 3 years. We use it for Sales Order Processing, Estimation, Job Order Creation, Production Planning and Control, Inventory Management, Outsource Management, Delivery and Invoicing. It has streamlined our operations and helps us to know our costs and fine tune costing accourdingly and give clients competitive price without giving away from our margins. We were able to streamline operations between our remote marketing offices and plant. Percept's support was great during implementation"

Director, Asiatic Printing Press, UAE

"It was hard to belive the fact that Print Smart MIS would be configured within 15 days but the Print Smart MIS support team was right! All we had to do was fill out data sheet information in an easy-to-understand document prior to the installation and then run tests with the engineer to ensure the values the system generated were correct. This is a complete MIS system and every department is touched, giving us a holistic view and leading to incredibly-well-informed decisions"

Vice President, Printing, AWI Company

"Print Smart MIS has been a great investment for the business by allowing me to focus in more important aspects of business and leaving the details to my people for regular tasks. It was one of our first priorities in business and it's more than worth the investment we have made. We wish them luck and would glady recommend it to others"

Print Central IMPZ