PrintSmart is a comprehensive, fully integrated MIS solution, designed to meet the specific demands of commercial Print businesses. PrintSmart MIS ensures printers to meet demanding targets and achieve business objectives through its MIS. In Short PrintSmart gives you complete control over financial, administrative and operations management by integrating all three of above to make a complete analysis. The MIS monitors all major aspects required to run a printing company in the most scientific and efficient manner. It keeps you in complete control over your companies Sales, Productivity, Scheduling, Inventory, Wastage, Clients, Profit-Loss and more .

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Iware DMI is great for monitoring all kinds of manufacturing and production machines including old conventional machines in real time through a choice of new generation gadgets like Tablet, PC, iphone, Android Smarthone or other.

The Direct Machine Interface (DMI) is the interface between the production equipment and the information processing. The captured data can be transferred directly to the database and this way actual status of the production is always available to generate productivity reports. The combination of DMI data coupled with MIS data aid in the planning and steering of the production with the aim of reaching an optimal level. With real time tracking and useful reports, the overheads can be reduced and furthermore the planning of your processes will be automatically bettered. Machine data capture is an essential factor for the increasing of productivity and of course it also increases your own competitiveness.

Iware Color Registration System is built around a high speed color camera and is one of the best solutions currently available on the market to automate color register management both during start-up and throughout the print run. The lighting allows the camera to detect CMYK and is extremely reliable since it was designed for the harsh news printing environment.

The product differentiates from other systems currently available by incorporating a wide range of features and configurations that allow printers to maximise their waste savings and achieve consistent register quality. With its origins in the printing industry, Iware Color Registration System (ICRS) has been designed and developed to provide the availability, productivity and quality demanded by printers today. In an environment of rising input costs, the system provides printers with a predictable and outstanding return on investment
To complete the package, the system uses an advanced web based user interface and it comes with 24/7 remote support.

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Iware Color Process Control is an affordable, professional spectral colour measurement solution that’s easy to use and includes everything you need achieve high quality color and meeting standards requirements. ICPC spot colour tools provide exceptional control over critical spot colours so you can protect your clients’ investment in specific brand colours.

It helps you save time and money through standardized printing and achieve consistent and repeatable color across your printing machines, allowing you more flexibility..

Today, healthcare providers are at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies to provide quality healthcare and lower IT management costs. Iware HIS is a powerful, flexible and user friendly web based Hospital Information System with Integrated PACS for multi-speciality hospitals. It can significantly increase the efficiency of healthcare services through automation and centralised management of every department and sections of a hospital.

The application is completely modular and can be customised based on the needs of small and medium sized clinics to multi speciality hospitals. We have 15+ Installations across India and Middle East including JCI accredited hospitals.

Communications and information systems are daily necessities of health care providers today that repay many times over the investment. Iware PACS is a powerful and cost effective web based PACS solution built on open source technologies.

Our solutions focus on workflow, collaboration and productivity enhancements to help you improve your clinical, financial and operational outcomes. The Web-based PACS and Radiology Information System is accessible from anywhere, adapts to the needs of multi-site enterprises or hospitals. We also undertake processing and uploading of existing DICOM files to PACS.

SMARTSCOPY is an effective and efficient tool built on latest technology for generating instant and attractive endoscopy reports with High Definition image quality.The software has got extensive features to manage and export the patient data including reports, images and videos. System provides highly efficient autofill report generation features and various layouts with normal and pre-print option for pdf reports.

The inbuilt video and image editing capabilities further helps you to take the important clips for your powerpoint presentations. We promote continuous quality improvements in patient care for higher patient satisfaction by enhancing comptence.The very user friendly interface, custom templates and high performance lossless capture of HD video and image with the included HD frame grabber makes it a favourite choice among clinicians!

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